About Myself

My name is Orit and I’ve been a photographer for many years, actually from a high-school course in artistic photography, as a photographer in the Air Force, and at University as the photographer of the Student’s Association. Currently I’m an independent photographer, presents my works in my country and in the world member of plastic artists union and of iaa-aiap UNESCO.

E-mail: oritiall@gmail.com Tel: +972-544555461

Artist's Statement
When I take photographs I feel a sort of happiness which is indescribable in words.
Photography comes to me from an inner place. I strive to convey sensations, to excite, to pull one out of a state of apathy, and to arouse thoughts and contemplations of my photographs. I wish to convey to the observer the feeling closest to the one I was experiencing when I took the photograph.

I’m inclined to photograph random situations in the street, and it is important for me to create eye contact with the random subjects, who do not know me nor do I know them and, nonetheless, to create that very special connection, that momentary bond that links us through the photograph.

When I connect to a photograph of mine, I try to pass that feeling onwards. I’m pleased when people who look at my photographs are able to connect to them both emotionally and visually.

Specialization and Courses:

Street Photography - Instructor: Eli Attiyas

Portraits - Studio - Instructor: Eldad Maestro
Urban photography - Instructor: Gaston Itzkovitdh
Portrait Photography On Location - Instructor: Yonatan Blum
Workshop abroad, in Parpinian, France - Instructor: Roni Sopher
Solo Exhibition

About the Exhibition - Written by Gabi Menashe, the Curator of the Exhibition
Orit Alloush
Street Photographs

The street is the space in which Orit feels comfortable and where she conducts a dialogue with her subjects, who are anonymous “actors” that, for a moment, step outside their anonymity.

Alloush examines the territory between the photographer and the subject, and examines also to what degree her involvement affects what is happening.
The proximity to the subject gives the observer a sense of involvement in the scene, and increases one’s curiosity.
The power of her works is not in criticizing what is happening, and her ‘wanderings’ in the street are not planned in advance.
Orit leaves it to the observers to comment on and solve any questions that may arise.
The photographs are presented in black and white in order to focus the observation. And in every figure Orit finds the positive aspect, radiating with optimism.
Orit has been involved with photography for many years, and this project is the result of “street journeys”.
The street that we all know, but don’t always see it the way that Orit succeeds in presenting it to us.

Metro Gallery in Caesarea
Sketchbook Gallery in Tel Aviv
Mazzarin in Tel Aviv
Avenue, Center for Events and Congresses, AirPortCity

Group Exhibitions in which I participated:

Israeli Signs of Love - The Bayit at the Port Gallery
The Photogenic Side of Azrieli - the Windows Gallery of the AzrieliCenter.
May Day Exhibition - ActiveStills
Sea of Art - Fresco Gallery
Zilumbaam Gallery - Portraits - On Location 
Acco Theater - Femina Exhibition - Woman in Focus
ICU International Organization for Culture - A Green View
International Projects and group exhibitions:

Identity Card project - Wakefield England
Identity Hats - Leeds Art Gallery England
WITHOUT ANY LIMITS - Chelsea Gallery London
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